It can be challenging to move into a new home and you have to decorating apartment all over again.
It’s difficult to think about how to make a new place feel more like home after splurging on things such as couches and tables.

But decorating apartment doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 11 brilliant cheap ways to decorate your apartment on the cheap or you can find these stuff on amazon on your budget.

1. Buy removable wallpaper or decals.

Permanent wallpaper is frustrating, as removing it from walls is so tricky. Removable wallpaper is the perfect solution for renters or homeowners who are engagement-phobic designers to add color and personal style to a room. This quickly sticks to the walls and is easy to apply and remove. And It will be the cheap ways to decorated your apartment.


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2. Build a DIY bar cart.

A bar cart is a fun design element, but it can be costly to cart from stores such as Restoration Hardware and Crate & Barrel.

In your local flea market or hardware store, a good option is to find a cheap cart or you can find on Amazon. To suit your tastes, spray the hardware or the whole cart and add your decorative elements such as tumbler bottles, cocktail books and bar equipment. Use the bar cart to show your favorite prints, tableware and pricey liquor bottles as well. Building a bar cart is one of the cheap ways to decorate your apartment by DIY.

3. Make your room seem bigger with a large mirror (or two).

A mirror of floor length can make a room appear larger and more open, particularly in small apartments. Place the mirror in order to reflect a window and catch the most light, adding dimension to the room. To find huge mirrors at affordable prices, browse the local flea markets or Amazon. This is be the cheap ways to decorating your apartment and make your rooms looks bigger.


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4. Paint your old furniture.

Try painting over the current finish instead of tossing your things when you get tired of your bed or other big pieces of furniture. A new paint coat on an old dresser can change a bit drastically without costing a lot.

To get rid of any dirt, remove all the hardware and wipe down the item with a rag. Using sandpaper to brush off the glossy finish gently, then either spray paint or apply two standard paint coats. To make the new finish last, add a coat of water-based lacquer, polyurethane, or a thin layer of clear paste wax after it dries.

5. Hide storage creatively.

The two mirrors add a lighter look to space. Hardware restauration clutter will make your home look smaller than it is. Get rid of needless space decorations, magazines, and books, and invest in dual-duty furniture like ottoman cabinets, chests, and stacked antique suitcases to look like a table.

Another excellent option is to place specific furniture— such as chairs, tables, or cabinets — in the corner of the room at an angle to create an integrated hidden spot to hide extra stuff. One of the cheap ways to decorating an apartment.

6. Update lampshades.

Switch out old lamp shades for new, clean ones to stop the room from appearing dated. Many older models can age a place, and shades of the lamp accumulate dust and grime over time, making them look dingy. Keep the original base of the light and buy a new tone to add a color pop or graphic design to make your room more enlivening.

cheap ways to decorating an apartment.

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7. Change hardware on door handles and furniture.

New drawer handles or knobs can transform old furniture (plus, it’s cheaper than buying brand-new furniture). Quality stores such as Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie all sell fancy and attractive hardware to help even a high-end Wal-Mart dresser look. One of the cheap ways to decorating an apartment.

8. Swap out existing ceiling fixtures.

It is possible that your new ceiling lamp or fan hasn’t been changed for more than 20 years. Switch them out for more natural lighting options instead of making these eyesores ruin your decor. The effect on your room that this minor change will have is incredible. (make sure you reinstall the original fan or light fixture before moving out if you lease it.)

9. Mask grungy counter tops or tile with stickers.

Just like removable wallpaper, tile stickers are designed to add patterns to existing kitchen and bath tiling, as well as removable granite film or “instant granite” which sticks to existing countertops using adhesive. Both are easily removed and are relatively affordable, especially if you plan to stay for more than a year in your place.

10. Create your own artwork.

You can buy an expensive painting or troll flea markets and vintage stores until you’ve found something you’re looking for. But merely creating it is an easy way to get art that you love. One of the cheap ways to decorating an apartment.

Amazon sells large pre-stretched canvases for about $20, and from a local craft shop you can purchase paint and brushes. Search online for inspiration for artworks and then make it your own. You may want to go for a modern-art look, so you can distort your talent (or lack of it) as artistic and not as childlike.This is the best way to decorating your apartment and make it looks more lifestyle.

For those who are uncertain about how to create an effect or where to start, go to a local craft store and ask for advice on recreating a particular painting or design.


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11. If all else fails, get a plant.

Plants add life to any room immediately. Of course, the best choices are self-sufficient plants such as cactus and succulents such as aloe vera, which not only look beautiful but do not require much care. Find an exciting pot or bowl and see what flora options are available to a local farmer’s market.

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