With your tiny bundle of joy, you are probably already excited about your first ride home. In fact, you will try to select the best infant car seat from a seemingly endless range of options. It can be daunting, to say the least, from the simplicity of installation to the quality of the fabric and whether or not it fits with your stroller device. The fundamentals of what you need in a child car seat are easy to break down so you can find the right infant car seat for your growing family.



chicco infant car seat

Each infant car seat sold in the U.S. is required to meet the safety requirements of the Federal crash test. Many car seats meet the requirements, adding security features even more. One of those is the Chicco KeyFit 30. KeyFit 30 comes with a five-point safety harness that can be fitted around your baby safely and efficiently. With just one button chest lock, the harness is comfortable to secure and release. To protect your child in the event of an accident, the seat is lined with energy-absorbing foam. This foam also ensures the safety of your child when driving in the car.

With the Chicco KeyFit 30 you can’t go wrong. We love it being consistently rated as one of the top car seats on the market, but we’ve done our own testing and we can see why now.
The Chicco KeyFit 30 is a great fit if you want a safe seat that doesn’t take an hour to mount and doesn’t slow you down when you’re on the go!

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The Evenflo LiteMax 35 has a belt route in the American style, meaning that the seat belt just connects at two points and does not extend around the car seatback. Although the belt path of the American style is not quite as safe as the belt path of the European style, it still allows for a simple, convenient, effective baseless installation using the seat belt of a car locking. This is excellent news for city residents or regular travelers hailing loads of taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts. (Note: When installing a car seat using a seat belt, some car seat safety techs suggest using a rolled-up towel or a pool noodle, particularly on slopey seats. Always check for no more than one inch of movement side-to-side and front-to-back when installing your car seat without a base.)
Besides that, the model is pretty beautiful for such a cheap car seat.

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Evenflo Symphony Elite

The Evenflo Symphony Elite review prove that a good safety car seat option as far as convertible seats are concerned if you’re looking for a seat that will last at least until it’s time for a booster. You will want to pay special attention to the height of your baby to see if they outgrow the booster because they are likely to abandon it before they meet the weight limit of 110 pounds.
As far as the recline problems in rear-facing mode are concerned, if you’re all right to use a pool noodle or towel to change the angle this seat will do just as well. Also, consult your doctor, the fire department or car seat technician if in doubt. Or choose a different seat.
If you don’t have to accommodate more than two car seats or a third older passenger in the back seat, the seat would probably fit well. Because of the space requirements of the rear-facing mode, your front passengers can lose some legroom.
It would be difficult to beat this seat as far as comfort goes. The top-notch is the padding and fabric. The SureLATCH connectors and the easy-to-see belt path for seat belt installations should also be very easy to install. If the LATCH straps are too low, make sure that you use the correct settings. For forward-facing, there should be one for rear-facing mode.
Because the price is not high, we are sure that with this model you will get the cost of your money in a comfortable, long-lasting chair.

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Britax One4Life Clicktight

Britax One4Life


To ensure the safety of your little one, the Britax One4Life test model has already undergone rigorous safety testing. For infant mode, there are two layers of side impact defense. Parents can feel confident that their older child is safe even when used as a high-back booster. We had their best features in mind as Britax designed this car seat. For easy installation, the One4Life features a ClickTight system. Instead of a button, it uses a squeeze feature, similar to the release mechanism used on the Britax front car seat. The top tether of the Versa is back as well. In a car accident, top tethers are incredibly important for forward-looking children as they reduce head movement by a full 6-8. To prevent injury, this can be important. The Versa tether release mechanism is also simple to use, so no excuses are open for parents, babysitters, or relatives not to fasten your child in safely.

Something else that parents familiar with Britax will notice is their Safe Cell technology. In this car seat, you can see the Safe Cell layout. In an accident, this is instrumental in the proper dispersal of energy. The car seat absorbs the effect, which reduces the child’s sense of impact.

The anti-rebound bar is yet another safety feature. In a crash, this helps to absorb energy and keep your baby safer. It can also be mounted upside down in true Britax style while the chair is being used in forward-facing mode. For your son, it makes it a useful footrest, so there is no wasted part or room.

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