When looking at the Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB convertible car seat, the most obvious place to start is to clarify what “ClickTight” is and what the “ARB” letters are in the name of the model.
The ClickTight part refers to the unique and foolproof mechanism of Britax to mount the seat using the seat belt of the car instead of using the LATCH connectors. Britax first introduced the ClickTight installation process into its “harness to booster” range of car seats (for older children). It was so successful with parents and car seat safety technicians that Britax also decided to extend the ClickTight device to its convertible car seats.
The ClickTight installation system is explained and demonstrated fully further down this page.
ARB stands for Anti-Rebound Bar.
The Boulevard ClickTight ARB has an anti-rebound bar pre-fitted. It adds another layer to the impact protection mechanisms of this seat, the full details of which are more fully explained below.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight

The Boulevard ClickTight ARB convertible car seat is one of 3 models that comes with pre-fitted with the Anti-Rebound Bar. The others are the Advocate ClickTight ARB and Marathon ClickTight ARB.
So, what are the main safety features that can be found on this seat?
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Britax Boulevard ClickTight

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Features:

  • Grows with your baby – converts from rear-facing to forward-facing for extended use.
  • ClickTight Installation System makes installation as easy as buckling a seat belt. Open the seat, feed the seatbelt through and click the seat shut.
  • 2 layers of side impact protection, formed by a deep foam-lined shell and quick-adjust head protection, absorb energy and surround your child with safety.
  • Anti-Rebound Bar minimizes forces associated with crashes by stabilizing the car seat when installed rear-facing.
  • Nanotex technology resists stains, moisture and odor with soft, smooth fabric that is gentle enough for your growing baby.
  • SafeCell Impact Protection is a patented safety system including a steel frame, energy-absorbing base and V-shaped top tether.
  • Click & Safe® Snug Harness Indicator gives an audible “click” to aid you in the proper tightening of your child’s harness.
  • Quick-adjust 14-position harness and 2-position buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable secure fit as your child grows.
  • 7-position recline with automatic level indicator adjusts for your child’s comfort while ensuring the best installation angle for your vehicle.
  • Plush foam padding and fabrics for premium comfort.
  • Easy-buckle system keeps buckles and straps out of your way when positioning your child.
  • Easy-remove cover pulls free of the car seat for cleaning without having to remove the harness.

1. Child Height & Weight Limits

The Boulevard ClickTight ARB comes with the following child height and weight limits:
  • Rear-facing from 5 to 40 lbs, or 49″
  • Forwards-facing from 20 to 65 lbs, or 49″ (must be at least 1 year old)

2. The ClickTight Installation System


The installation procedure for ClickTight requires an essential three-stage operation. You open the door, feed the seat belt through the correct path, then close the compartment until the “click” is heard.
The ClickTight installation process alone does not make the car seat any safer, but the use of the ClickTight device gives confident parents a very significant indirect safety advantage.
It can be daunting for many parents to mount convertible car seats using the seat belt of the vehicle and, as a result, often make mistakes. Research suggests that seats up to 75% are improperly mounted, rendering them dangerous.
It is therefore to be accepted any mechanism that makes it easier to achieve a secure installation.
Even if you intend to start installing using the LATCH connectors, the ClickTight installation system is essential. LATCH connectors have a maximum child weight limit, so it’s time to switch to belt installation because your child is too heavy to keep using LATCH.

3. SafeCell Base

The Britax SafeCell Base consists of a structure of a honeycomb and is designed to compress in a crash. It also reduces the center of gravity of your child and counteracts the seat’s forward movement. It results in a lower risk of injury.


4. SafeCell Impact Stabilising Steel Frame

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB has a SafeCell Impact Stabilising Steel frame, which strengthens the seat’s connection to the vehicle and reduces its forwards flexion in the event of a collision.


5. Anti-Rebound Bar (ARB)

A reinforced steel bar fixed to the seat’s foot-end is the new Anti-Rebound Bar. By pushing the back of the front seat, you can control the rebound level of the seat during a crash. 
In research for the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Britax found that the ARB minimizes the risk of injury to rear-facing children by reducing the rebound movement by 40% and stabilizing the car seat during frontal, rear-end and side-impact collisions.
So there seems to be good evidence that the ARB improves the seat protection.

6. SafeCell Impact Absorbing Tether

The Impact Absorbing Tether is a strap used to secure the top part of the seat to the lower anchors. In the event of a collision, the top tether system is a very important safety function that helps prevent the seat from leaning over.


7. Multiple Recline Positions with Automatic Level Indicator

The Boulevard ClickTight ARB seat comes with 7 different reclining positions and an adjustable level indicator to help you find a comfortable position for your child when using the seat, as well as making sure you can mount the seat quickly and easily at a reclining angle that is appropriate for your child.
The Britax, automatic level indicator, means you can feel confident that the location of the recline is safe instead of just having to guess.
It also makes it easier to accommodate the seat in certain smaller vehicles with several reclines positions.

8. Quick-Adjust Harness & Headrest

As the height of your child rises, the height of the harness straps and headrest will need to be changed to ensure a proper fit. Most seats allow you to re-thread the harness any time such height changes are made and this can be a real chore.
The Britax Quick-Adjust makes this method really quick.
At the top of the bench, press the red button and pull the top handle up until you get the desired spot.

9. Side Impact Protection

The Boulevard ClickTight ARB comes with 2-layers of side impact protection.
This comprises the foam-padded headrest and a deep foam lined shell.

10. Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator

The Click & Secure Snug Harness Indicator uses an audible click to notify you when the harness is correctly secured, rather than relying entirely on your intuition.
Instead of relying entirely on the Click & Safe indicator, we still recommended you to double-check with your own eyes and hands.
If the predictor shows your child is snug enough, but he/she still looks a bit dangerous–tighten up a bit more.
It is best used as a warning system when your child is not snug enough to make sure your child is comfortable enough.

Final Thoughts

Britax Boulevard ClickTight

The Boulevard ClickTight ARB convertible car seat is one of 3 models that comes with pre-fitted with the Anti-Rebound Bar. The others are the Advocate ClickTight ARB and Marathon ClickTight ARB.

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB is a top seat with a price that matches its high overall score. This seat is the easiest to install, making it potentially safer than products that are challenging to install, as studies show that correct installation is key to preventing injuries in crashes in the real world. Headrest harness height adjustment and dense padding are also easy to use for a comfortable ride. In this analysis, this seat has one of the highest price tags, so parents may want to look elsewhere on a budget. Furthermore, the Boulevard has not done as well as the crash testing competition, which parents may want to consider. However, the ridiculously easy installation and high-quality comfy design could be the deciding factors that make this ClickTight your seat of choice.

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