Apple’s second-generation AirPods are a slight improvement over the first-gen with better audio and voice quality, longer talk time, and support for voice-activated Siri.

airpods 1 vs 2

Apple’s first-generation AirPods perfected automatic connection to any Apple device you’re signed in with your Apple ID. Switching between devices is automagical.


Voice-activated and double-tap to Siri
Same price as first-gen
Better audio and voice
2X faster switching between devices
Additional hour of talk time
30% lower latency


Connects to all devices signed in to iCloud automatically
Simple setup built into iOS
Double-tap for Siri
24 hours of battery life with Charging Case
15-minutes in case equals 3 hours listening
Compatible with wireless Charging Case

Same ear pod design
Doesn’t come in new colors

No voice-activated Siri
Shorter talk time battery
Only available to buy used

The variations between the first and second-generation AirPods are small and not at all distinct in some respects (for instance, color and style). Because of the minor upgrade, deciding which version to purchase becomes even more difficult. Do you need to upgrade to Gen 1? Are you supposed to get the wireless charge case? Let’s break everything down “Airpods 1 vs 2”.


AirPods 1

AirPods 2

Battery life (talk)

2 hours

3 hours

Battery life (music)

5 hours

5 hours




Bluetooth version



Siri connection

double-tap to activate

Voice-activated or double-tap

Wireless charging

with additional wireless Charging Case purchase

with wireless Charging Case

iOS system requirements

iOS 10 or later

iOS 12.2 or later

watchOS system requirements

watchOS 3 or later

watchOS 5.2 or later

macOS system requirements

macOS High Sierra or later

macOS 10.14.4 or later

Apple TV support



Should you upgrade from AirPods 1?

The short answer here is no when you compare Airpods 1 vs 2. Nevertheless, keep reading if you want to understand how I feel.
The biggest updates from the first AirPods to the second generation are the H1 chipset (which has a few advantages), longer speaking time, and voice-activated Siri assistance. The modifications are not so important. At least not enough for me to suggest upgrading from your AirPods of first-generation.
Plus, Apple hasn’t changed AirPod’s look of Airpods 1 vs 2. They have the same placement of the speaker that doesn’t necessarily operate with all the ears, and that still only comes in white. If you’re hoping to demonstrate how much cooler you are then everyone else will be able to say the distinction with the recent AirPods.

With that being said, before making your final choice, here are a few things you need to consider.

The H1 chip is a significant improvement over the W1

The chipset series “W” focuses on linking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and is used in multiple wireless headphones, such as Beats, as well as the Apple Watch line.

The brand new “H” series is the chipset-focused headphones of Apple. It is intended to provide faster connectivity, audio of higher quality, and reduced latency for stuff like gaming.

In the following aspects, the H1 chip improves on the W1 chip:

  • Up to 50% More talk time
  • 2X faster switching between devices
  • Faster connection to phone calls
  • Stronger connectivity
  • 30% lower latency for gaming
  • Support for voice-activated Siri

If the bane of your existence is that switching your AirPods from your iPhone to your Mac can take too long, or if you accidentally curse your boss because you’re in a rage because your AirPods haven’t switched quickly enough from listening to music or answering your phone, the upgrade begins to look much more attractive.

If you tried playing Fortnight with AirPods on your iPhone and toss them into the garbage because the lag time was atrocious, you should consider upgrading AirPods from the first generation to the second generation after compared Airpods 1 vs 2.

A better phone call experience

AirPods 2 has more talk time assistance than its predecessor thanks to the H1 chip. Apple notes up to 50% more, although lists are speaking time as three hours (AirPods 1 has two hours of talking time).

The H1 chip also increases how quickly you connect from listening to some other audio type, such as music or videos up to 1.5 times quicker, to an incoming phone call. This may seem like a little enhancement, but if you generally find yourself saying, “Hello? Hello? Hello?” you can cut out one-and-a-half of those hellos with AirPods 2 whenever you answer the phone.

Apple also enhanced second-generation AirPods ‘ audio and speech quality. You will not only be able to hear your phone discussions better, but you will even sound better to individuals with whom you are on the phone.

Siri voice-activation vs double-tap activation

You would double-tap either the left or the correct bud to activate Siri on the first-generation AirPods. Activating requires a few seconds, but when it does, you can ask Siri for assistance in a wide variety of ways, including volume adjustment and playback control.

Unfortunately, just while adjusting the placement, it’s effortless to accidentally double-tap the earbud. Plus, remembering which bud you assigned to Siri (if you attributed the other to something else, like Play / Pause) is difficult to remember.

I ended up disabling Siri’s double-tap on my AirPods because I discovered it too irritating to experience.

With AirPods 2, you can use your voice to activate Siri. Just as you would say with your iPhone, Apple Watch, and HomePod, “Hey, Siri” is going to get the attention of the virtual assistant. That is the biggest difference of Airpods 1 vs 2

For several reasons, this is more useful, not least because you can disable double-tap to activate Siri and still use it.

Although I don’t believe this function is enough to upgrade from AirPods 1, for some, this may be an essential characteristic. For instance, people with disabilities could significantly benefit from being able to activate Siri without having to reach up and double-tap a bud.

Should you buy AirPods 2 with wireless Charging Case?

If you’ve never bought a pair of AirPods and are ready to make the jump, it’s a no-brainer you should get the model of the second generation over the first. It’s the exact same price.

However, the next issue is whether you should spend an extra $40 and upgrade to the wireless charging case to the AirPods 2.

Do you own a charging pad for the wireless use? If so, it could be a valuable upgrade. I enjoy placing my iPhone on a charging pad just like I put it on any old table. I can pick it up and set it up as often as I like, and when it’s on the pad, it will always pay up. You can load your AirPods with the Wireless Charging Case the same way. Drop it onto the pad when you get back from work, and when you go out for a workout, it will be juiced up.

Buying AirPods 2 with the wireless charging case will also save you $40 if you decide in the future that you want a wireless charging case. You’re paying $199 as an upgrade to the existing AirPods 2 while buying the standard AirPods 2 for $159 and then getting a separate wireless charging case will cost you $238 later when all is said and done.

Should you buy just the Wireless Charging Case for your AirPods 1?

Apple sells the wireless charging case individually and is compatible with both the AirPods of the first and second generation. So you can join the new hotness craze without a new set of AirPods having to go all-in. But are you supposed to?

You’re spending a pretty penny at as much as $79 just for wireless charging, particularly if you consider buying wireless charging cases like the PowerPod Case for your Charging Case for a lot less.

Consider how frequently you charge your Chargin.

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