Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds


Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres or 32.81 Feet
Weight: 0.0500 kg
Dock Charging Capacity: 4 Times Binarural Charging (380 mAh)
Battery Life: 14 hours of talk time and 12 hours of music time with Charging box
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Apple AirPods set a very high standard for the demand for TWS earphones. Consumers started looking past Apple AirPods for TWS audio products for multiple reasons with the second iteration of their iconic AirPods out for sale. A one-hit wonder business by the name of Cresuer is an alternative that has been picking up customers because of this phenomenon. Even though they’ve recently released a couple of TWS headphones, that’s another day’s subject. The product earned from this move away from the AirPods is the Bluetooth earbuds from Cresuer Touchwave.

The Cresuer Touchwave, regarded as a phenomenal wireless earphone that isn’t the Apple AirPods, already have quite a fan base. The huge buzz that the Cresuer Touchwave TWS earbuds created after the short time after its launch itself is an indication of how good it is. In addition to the buzz it produced, users would like to know why it is so great. Here are some reasons why the earbuds of Cresuer Touchwave is a excellent purchase.

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Is it worth buying the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds?

Maximum Comfort

For their AirPods, Apple made a basic earphone without wires. Lenovo and other companies took the tip sticking into circular earbuds. Since the start of TWS earphones, these have been common in the TWS market. By looking at those available on the market now, the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth earbuds have a different style.

Although it is not exactly a new development in technology, it is more of an improvement to something that already exists on the market. The earbuds of the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth come with an elliptical base attached to the earbud at an angle. The Cresuer Touchwave True Wireless earbuds, in addition to this basic earbud design, sports a hook on the base to keep it in place without falling off the ear. The hook is built to provide all users with a comfortable fit.

Indeed, one size doesn’t fit everything and the earbuds of the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth come equipped for that challenge. Assuming that not everyone can cope with an overall size of hooks and ear tips, the Cresuer Touchwave earbuds come in 3 sizes of hooks and ear tips. Such configuration options allow the user to fit comfortably on the ear even with extended use without any discomfort. With the development of the Cresuer Touchwave, the delicate balance between comfort and proper fit is emphasized.

Control over your music

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

Music can only be fully heard when there are no disturbances outside. It is not possible to eliminate all noise sources. One way to fight it is to go to a quiet place, which is not always possible again. In the audio device being used, the other way around is to have a useful noise cancelation feature. For that, the earbuds of the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth come equipped.

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

With something is known as CVC (clear voice cancellation) noise cancellation technology, the earbuds of the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth block disturbances that would otherwise have created a bad listening experience. This helps users to be the ones in control of what they listen to, rather than all the external disturbances that come from outside. Despite such an advanced device, the silicon used in the tips of the ears often helps to make the world inaudible and meaningless.

The Cresuer Touchwave True Wireless Earbuds is a perfect partner to hit the gym!

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

The important device that many uses to concentrate on their job and activities, a motivator such as music also helps in the gym. Whether or not the motivation is reached, audio devices are lacking as water and technology in general are not a great combination. The Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth earbuds can be your go-to partner in any physical activity with a sweat-resistant build. The Cresuer Touchwave TWS earbuds prove to be a comfortable friend, whether it’s the gym, outdoor adventures or relaxing in an air-conditioned home.

The musical experience you were missing on

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

The Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth earbuds, inspired by the next generation of audio engineering and fitted with carbon nanotube diaphragms, offer a stunning sound output quality. Bright and uncluttered, for an enriched musical experience, the bass and vocals are transmitted without loss.

A long battery

The Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth earbuds provide on a single charge three full hours of continuous music playback, with the charging case having the power of four total battery refills.

Price & Availability of CRESUER TOUCHWAVE TWS

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

Get hooked on the earbuds of Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth? This doesn’t mean a fall in your pockets because it’s selling for just $69.99 and FREE shipping. Since the Apple AirPods killer is considered to be the Cresuer Touchwave True Wireless Earbuds, it is a well-quoted killer price. With the Apple AirPods ‘ new iteration being priced at rates higher than $150, this is barely one-third of it, packing up three times the energy. This is nothing short of being kind and not missing an opportunity.

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