After Pamu Scroll’s great success, Padmate’s Pamu series has been known. Pamu Scroll has many defects, however, that prevent the consumer from “speaking” So Padmate introduced Pamu Slide with many incredible changes, with the cost “improved” as well. Slide improvements compared to Scroll, however, are worth the money very much. Here I’m going to examine this extremely hot true wireless earbuds to give you a detailed view.


Design and features

Let’s get one major gripe out of the way before we dive into the nitty-gritty. The carrying and charging case of the Slide looks like a little wireless speaker with a compact form factor on top and a metallic grill. It looks nice enough, but the trouble is that every time anyone sees it on your desk or in your pocket, you’ll have to justify that it’s not a speaker. It may not sound like a big deal, but I wish this had been designed differently after having gone through this countless times in my co-working space.

The round case is well made and, as the name of the item implies, it has a lid sliding to expose the earbuds in their magnetic storage area. Whipping the buds out or throwing them away is simple enough, and the cover and magnets are working well. Though, it’s not as pocketable as some tube-shaped cases I’ve seen, so most of the time you’ll have to put it in your handbag or backpack.
The case also houses a battery of 2,000mAh to power the buds about six times over, or to recharge your Qi-compatible phone wirelessly by turning it upside down and putting your mobile on top. Unfortunately, USB-C Power Delivery is not allowed, so you can’t connect a phone to the charging port to charge it.
Through USB-C, you can charge the case entirely in three hours, and the headphones can load in 1.5 hours. You can chuck them in the case for five minutes if you’re in a hurry and then use them for an hour – great for a commute or a workout.

Pamu Slide Experience

The buds themselves are small, light and fit in the ear comfortably, and Padmate is getting points to include six different tip sizes. Through clicking on either bud, which is cool, you can monitor music playback–but there is not much surface area to fit your fingers when catching or tapping them. This means that if you try to adjust the bud in your ear, you will possibly stop playback or end a call by mistake. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I would have preferred a touch-response button or other model.
The Slide earbuds have a lot to do with them: they pair quickly and maintain an excellent long-distance communication thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, support the AptX codec for supposedly better quality wireless audio than standard SBC, and sound good with a variety of genres. That is the better bluetooth connection experience than Treblab X5 with Bluetooth 4.2.
I went through my downtempo sample playlist, R&B, hip-hop, punk, rock, and classical compositions from John Mayer, Audioslave, Wild Beats, Inc., Bruno Mars, Quicksand, Earth, Wind & Fire, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This buds made listening through the lot pleasant and straightforward, with balanced production, excellent detail, and minimal distortion at high volumes. 
Other than that, I had a fine time with the Slide buds. Padmate claims they manage 10 hours of playback out of the case; I got several hours of use before I had to charge them, so I think that’s fairly accurate. I wish the tips provided a better seal in the ear to block more ambient noise, though. Even Airpods 2 only have 5 hours of music playing with bluetooth 5.0, Pamu slide Plus performing is very well at this spec.


PaMu Slide’s bright quality, with sliding cover design, 60 hours of battery endurance, plus the special reverse wireless charging can bring a lot of surprise. The performance-to-price ratio is not particularly prominent compared to the current price of $109, but is more suitable for consumers with high sound quality requirements.
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