Treblab Z2 REVIEW

Music is an important part of life. A 2017 study shows that 87 percent of Americans use headphones every day, and that figure shows no sign of going down shortly. Knowing this, TREBLAB Z2 joins the fray, offering a battery life of 35 hours, effective noise cancelation, and crystal-clear audio. All of these features come without your next paycheck being robbed. I channeled my inner Audiophile with assurances like this and tried out those headphones to see if everything is as good as it looks on paper.

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treblab z2 review

What’s in the Box?

treblab z2 review

In a sleek black bag, the headphones come within. A black carrying case, a charging cord, an aux-in cable, and a guide stay inside orderly. They pack everything carefully and I haven’t seen a scratch anywhere.

Build and Design

TREBLAB Z2 is pure black on the earcups with gold accents. The plasticky feeling made me question their life span even though they seem sturdy. Overall, the headphones look presentable, and you can rest assured they won’t look weird on your head when you walk or brave the morning commute.


The headband is flexible and looks well built; it is beautifully padded to prevent you from feeling too much stress on top of your head. The weight is also well distributed, and during my day-long music binge I didn’t feel any pressure.


These headphones deliver if you’re like me and your earcups are super soft. I also noticed their shape snuggled the natural contours of my ears and head. Nonetheless, the earcups can get a little wonky while lying on my back, so they tend to drop a little, which results in some audio leakage. I put my headphones on for long periods while studying, and after a few hours they made my ears hot slightly.


What I like about this headset is that it is easy to use the buttons. I didn’t find any unintended pressing of the keys, even while sitting on the couch and lying in my bed.

The right earcup has three keys: a play/pause/pair button plus two forward / volume down and backward / volume up buttons. There are also outputs for the aux cable and the USB charger, just behind the keys. Rest assured, it works for Android, iOS, and other operating systems as well. You can turn on and off the effective noise cancelation here via a toggle switch, going on to the left side of the headphone cup.


It was a piece of cake to combine with my phones and worked instantly. Wireless networking is a lifesaver with an army of cats at home. TREBLAB Z2 is fitted with Bluetooth 4.2 CSR. TREBLAB says that this headphone has approximately 38 feet of Bluetooth range. I confess I have never moved beyond a distance of 35 feet; however, some users report moving 50 feet away and the link was still secure. It’s amazing.

TREBLAB Z2 Sound Quality

I listened to music that was mostly acoustic and bass-rich. I found that the quality of these headphones certainly sounded better. I found that the music is too limited with lower volumes. Unless I played my music at high volumes, I could identify some muffled sounds positively.

The 40 mm neodymium speakers of the TREBLAB Z2 are accompanied by the HD audio codec aptX low latency. I was impressed with the level of clarity of the headphones, vibrant highs, smooth mids, and well-balanced basses. I want to applaud the lows because they’re clean and don’t sound gritty, rather than just overpowering and scratching your eyes.

treblab z2 review
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Call Quality

I tested the microphone of TREBLAB Z2 with a few calls. Not what you would call terrific was the mic quality, but it was still decent. I used the packed aux-in cord to connect to my mobile for the first call. I could hear the other hand entirely, and there were no changes in my voice recorded by the receiver. That’s so good so far. I used Bluetooth to make the second call. The person at the other end of the line this time said that I sounded distant, as my microphone was a few feet away, so I had to raise my voice a little to be heard.

Active Noise Cancellation

ANC (Active Noise Cancelation) feature of TREBLAB Z2. ANC, in conjunction with the ear cups foam, does an excellent job of reducing background noise. But it’s not great, and it’s not blocking all sounds. My cat meows, though they sounded very distant, were still here. The chattering of people could even be heard, too, but it was more like a murmur. Nevertheless, the ANC function is decent at such a price tag and comparable to the models of Cowin E7 or Avantree Audition Pro.

Battery Life

The surprising claim of 38 hours of playtime with a cost of just 3 hours was something that just begged to be put to the test. Although it did not keep to its word, it was still an excellent 35 hours of battery time. The announcement that the battery was getting low was good, but I noticed that the volume of the robot’s internal voice was too loud. The message of the “low battery” was a jump alert, and I wished that they had made this voice more discreet.

treblab z2 review


Final Verdict

TREBLAB Z2 has a good, fine-tuned sound and exceptional battery life. The bass is good enough to appreciate, but the brains won’t be shook out. Buying a pair of Z2s can be considered a real deal, given their wallet friendliness and the price you receive. The long battery life, super soft earpads, and water-resistant nature make them a great companion for lazy Sunday jams, Netflix binges, or workout routines. On the other side, the TREBLAB Z2 headphones may not please you if you like to raise the bass to a degree so it can shake your heart.

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